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Do you ever wonder why you’re able to accomplish some goals but not others? Or why you can sustain certain habits, but struggle with creating and maintaining other habits? Have you ever asked yourself “What is wrong with me?”

Isn’t it time you created REAL and SUSTAINABLE change, and stepped into being your most EXTRAORDINARY self?

I’m your host, Sandra Chuma. I’m a certified life, business, habits and mindfulness coach. My mission is to live my life on purpose and with purpose, and inspire you to do the same.

Through the WORTHY Podcast I’ll be sharing practical and actionable information, resources and tools to help you achieve your goals… without overwhelm! I’ll be showing you how it’s possible to create lasting change in your life.

This podcast is a reminder that you are worthy. You are worthy of being, doing, and having the life of your dreams.

Aug 16, 2022

Padma Ali is a life coach and therapist who helps her clients tap into their inner wisdom, remove energetic blueprints that are holding them back, and evolve to reach new levels of spiritual awakening. She has over 20 years of experience as a licensed Psychotherapist, is a Certified Life Coach, Hypnotist & NLP Practitioner. Padma has also trained extensively in traditional and non-traditional modalities, including Energy Healing.

Padma’s website:

Padma on Instagram: @padmaali